SHORT STORY: Taking the Oath, winner of the tales2Inspire contest, “Turning the Page.” Published in the Moonstone Collection, Book 2, 2021.

In the 2000s, emigrants to the United States could not take the American nationality without “absolutely and entirely” renouncing their country of origin. My short story focuses on the moment I took the oath in 2006 and lost my French citizenship.

AWARD: Best Manuscript Sample for The Architect’s Eye. Atlanta Writers Conference, November 2021.

SHORT FILMImpressionist Architecture: The Tour Eiffel, 2019. https://youtu.be/1BbkybEloX8

The film is based on a chapter of “Paris in Architecture, Literature, and Art” (New York: Peter Lang, 2018). The interdisciplinary approach identifies impressionist features such as secularization of art, short brushstrokes of unmixed color painting technique, and painting outside in the plein air, and translates them in the architecture of the Eiffel Tower, also erected during the Belle Epoque.

BOOK SIGNING for Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art. MLA Convention in Chicago, 2019.

With my editor, Meagan Simpson, Acquisitions Editor at Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. I am thankful to the people at Peter Lang Publishing, especially my editors:  Michelle Salyga, who showed the initial interest in my project and brought me in; Meagan Simpson, who saw me through it with support and patience; and Bernadette Shade and Janell Harris, who cheerfully assisted me through production.  

BOOK SIGNING for Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art. AESA Conference in Greenville, Georgia, 2018.

With fellow writer at Peter Lang, Virginia Lea. Special thanks to Megan Madden, editor at Peter Lang, for welcoming us and making it a fun event where we sold books to many new friends!

ACADEMIC PAPER: “What Makes Paris More Beautiful under the Rain.” Peter Lang Blog, 2018. An article on “Midnight in Paris” (Woody Allen, 2011). What makes Paris more beautiful under the rain?

BOOK SIGNING for Paris in Architecture, Literature, and Art, at Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, September 2018. The Barnes and Noble bookstore at Emory University facilitated the sales and sold out the forty books they had ordered.

The presentation, entitled “Impressionist Tour Eiffel: a Bridge to the sky,” showed how the 300-meter-high tower reaches the low-level cloud layer of Stratus, Cumulus, and Stratocumulus and brings its visitors up into the clouds like a vertical bridge between land and sky.

SHORT FILM: Cubist Architecture: The Villa Savoye, 6K views, 2017. https://youtu.be/U7OVxyL-z68

“Cubist Architecture: The Villa Savoye” presents cubist principles of Le Corbusier’s 1928-31 house, such as the conceptual modernity of a “machine to live in,” light coming from multiple sources that are not readily identifiable, and the “free plan” that brings a playful inside/outside ambiguity. Moving around the ramp is like walking into an architectural collage, where the visitor can participate at his leisure in the cubist experience. 

BOOK SIGNING for Papa a dit, Maman aussi. Atelier Z, June 2017, Paris, France.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Postmodern Anthropomorphism in Birga’s Beaubourg.” Academia.edu, 2015.

Sergio Birga’s 1976 painting, “Main basse sur la ville,” features the construction of Beaubourg in the Halles Quarter, and the way postmodernism incorporates anthropomorphism in its design even after the “death” of the Renaissance subject. By showing the developers’ failed attempt to fill in the “Trou” des Halles, Birga’s painting indicates the postmodern to be a condition rather than a style, with its center a self-engulfing hole, deconstructed from its threatening banlieue. He also offers a postmodern version of the Vitruvian Man in an off-center, partial and feminine anthropomorphic model.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Gavroche at the Bastille.” Academia.edu, 2014. 

SHORT FILM: Southbound: 1986 Ta Shing 40, 2012https://youtu.be/V2kcNjxYCDE

A cruise down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway with our Ta Shing 40, Oct-Nov 2012, and a tribute to our son Stuart Manley Spangler who died at age 18. A remake of the earlier film with music by Maurice Ravel (the earlier film was blocked for music copyright claim).

BLOG: Sv-peregrine.net. Blog on the trips we took on our Tashiba 40, Peregrine, and in particular the cruise down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Oct.-Dec. 2012.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE: Real Estate Design and Management, Self-employed, Paris and Atlanta, 2002-present.

  • Renovation of an apartment building on the Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris, including the creation of a 25m2 studio and 40m2 apartment in the attic floor, and the renovation of the ground floor entrance, stairway, three 66m2 apartments, and one 160m2 apartment.
  • Renovation and management of duplexes at Stillwood Dr. and Virginia Ave., Atlanta.
  • Renovation of houses in Atlanta.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1996-2003. French Department, Emory University, Atlanta.

Courses Taught:

  • Fr170S Freshman Seminar: “Images of Paris” (in English)
  • Fr314 What is Interpretation?
  • Fr314 Reading Cultural Artifacts
  • Fr341 Studies in the Classical Period
  • Fr350 Readings in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • Fr351 Studies in the Modern Period
  • Fr361 Topics in Translation: “Images of Paris” (in English)
  • Fr387 Visual Culture: “Images of Paris” (in French)
  • Fr387 Visual Culture: “Windows in the Modern Culture”

ACADEMIC PAPER: “L’Hermaphrodisme monstrueux de Diderot.” Études Françaises, vol. 39, No. 2, 2003, p. 109-21.

SHORT STORY: “Paxos by Night,” first prize in La Passion et autres nouvelles. Paris: Atelier Z, p. 9-19, May 2003. 

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Les Monstres textuels dans le transformisme de Diderot.” Diderot Studies XXIX, 2003, p. 137-60.

BOOK REVIEW: Review of Sublime Disorder: Physical Monstrosity in Diderot’s Universe by Andrew Curran. Diderot Studies XXIX, 2003.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “L’Utopie postcoloniale de L’Île mystérieuse.” Francophonia vol. 44, Spring 2003, p. 77-98.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Images of Paris: Big “C” Culture for the Non-Speaker of French.” French Review, vol. 75, No. 4, March 2002, p. 756-69.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Folie parisienne: le massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy.” JAISA, vol. 7, No. 1-2, fall 2001-spring 2002, p. 1-14.

EXHIBITION: “The Saint-Bartholomew’s Fragmentation.” A poster for the exhibition “Science and Art: shared Frontiers” in the Schatten Gallery, Emory University, January-May 2001. 

SHORT STORY: “Avenue des Ternes.” The White Crow, Osric Publishing, July 2000. 

BOOK REVIEW: Review of Denis Diderot: Extravagance and génialité by Marie-Hélène Chabut. Symposium, vol. 54-2, summer 2000.

SHORT STORY: “Mireille.” The Prose Menagerie, Cara Swann ed., http://www.geocities.com/Sotto/Studios/5116/index.html, June 2000.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Un Portrait dans un coin de robe (Julie, lettre II-25).” Littératures, vol. 42, printemps 2000, p. 75-84.

ACADEMIC PAPER: “Science, philosophie et littérature: le polype de Diderot.” Recherches sur Diderot et sur l’Encyclopédie, vol. 23, October 1997, p. 89-107.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING: Teaching Assistant, 1991-96. French Department, Emory University, Atlanta.

Courses taught

  • Fr 101 Beginning French: French in Action,” Pierre Capretz.
  • Fr 102 Intermediate French: “French in Action,” Pierre Capretz
  • Fr 201 Intermediate French: “Bravo,” Muyskens et al.
  • Fr 201B Intermediate French: “Collage,” Baker et al.
  • Fr 203 French Conversation: “Entretiens, Cours de conversation,” Jay Siskin and Cheryl Krueger.
  • Fr 203 “Liaison,” Hester, Wade and Jian.
  • Fr 203 Grammar and Composition: “Interactions, Révision de grammaire française,” St. Onge, St. Onge and Kulick.
    Fr478 Special Topics Literature Seminar: “Literary Monsters,” May Spangler.

COMIC STRIPS: “How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables,” “Teachers,” and “Parenting” 1988-1990.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: Original ink drawings to personalize Christmas Cards, 1989.

Houston Restaurant, Atlanta, 1984
CNN Headquarters, Atlanta, 1982


  • Graduate Architect, Rabun and Hatch Architects, Inc. Atlanta, 1984. Designer for the Houston’s Restaurants, and project designer for the adaptation of modular construction system from European to American standards.  
  • Intern Architect, Helfrich and Briles Architects, Atlanta, 1980-83. Designer for the Turner Broadcasting System offices on William Street, Atlanta, the Turner Broadcasting Headquarters in Atlanta, New York and Dallas. Designer for condominiums in Atlanta and Hilton Head, and houses in Hilton Head.
  • Intern Architect, Atelier Remondet and Atelier Taieb, Paris, 1978-79. Design and preparation of drawings for the extension of a school. Renovation of apartments in Paris. Design and working drawings for a hotel.